I wanted to research on the type of editorial designs that are close to my style and I stumbled upon these three on Behance

Emily Goater

I love the work of Emily, it is timeless, clean and also elegant. Her style and attention to detail are what I aspire to be. I love the use of spacing, the way things fit together. It has a clean modernism and minimalistic feel to it. As well as it being close to the audience I want to work with.

Marta Pavia

Marta’s work is more colourful yet controlled, I love the way she has different colour pallet but has a clean look. The Editorial project itself is quite impressive. I love her use of grids and how it’s based on food which is my favourite topic! The use of patterns and the alignment helps me understand ways I can improve my own work and make it look more professional.

Eliana Munoz

Eliana’s work is diverse but has a brand identity that fits close to my own, the play of colour and monochromatic feel, as well as the photography, high contrast feels to it. The way she has evolved her taste to fit branding designs and even web design are encouraging. As I want to develop my style across different mediums and focus on the consistency and what way is best to communicate this.

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