From the lecture, I was able to understand more about publishing especially when it comes to children books and illustrations. I really love the audience Nobrow supplies to and how it is international. The achievements and goals that the company has achieved are amazing and inspiring. What I love the most is, each comic, each artist and each novel are different and unique. Theaudiences are also different. I love the way they encourage reading and how it is tied to adventure books. Something that is lacking in this technological age.

Understanding the busy lifestyle of the art director was an eye opener, and the structure of his day as well as, the feeling of not getting paid from a supplier for many months. The instability and probability of failure is immense, still, the company is still growing and expanding today. What I got out of it was, understanding that, passion for what you do is important. Risk are going to be taken, not to be scared of failure and more importantly, everything ties down to hard work and dedication.

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