Just, a little bit more …

So as I’ve stated before, I am a natural hair woman. I have been natural for almost 4 years and it has been an interesting journey. I grew my hair out during the sixth form and trimmed it every 2 months, until August 2014. Once I cut it, I felt liberated and happy. As I wanted my hair to be more bouncy and curly. I loved the thickness and bounce other naturals and I wanted it. Even with all the discouragement, I still wanted to go back to my “natural” state and embrace my curls even more.

When I did, I felt a little insecure but also very confident because this was who I am, and I am in love with it. Fortunately for me, I have my father’s genes so my hair grew very quickly and I was fully enjoying my curls and hair. And treated it like a baby. I would say to myself that my hair is a plant and I need to always moisturise it. During the journey I tried to use coconut oil but, for some reason, my hair did not like it and I became allergic to it. Flakes would form and they were not dandruff. And my hair would become itchy. This confused me because coconut oil was the staple of the natural hair society. I later discovered 2 months later that my hair needed water more and castor oil. Castor oil IS LIFE! It has helped me so so much with retaining moisture and to restore my edges. We all know what relaxers do to our edges and those tight cornrows.

This is just part letter one. The Genesis. hehe, I kid. Just an introduction to what is to come.


Dami x

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