How do you expect me to listen to you?

When I can hear the voice of others,

How do you expect me to believe you

When you say that you love me when I am reminded of how I overreact

How I care a bit too much when I do

And how I don’t care like the rest of them do to you.

How do you expect me to react?

When you are the messenger of others

Feeding into what they see and observe from our

Relationship, the ship that sails but trips beneath the rocks that each and everyone does.

But somehow, we are more in the spotlight,

Burning but I don’t think it is bright

Because their opinion is echoed in my muse.

How do you expect me to react?

When you don’t see that you find me overbearing

Over here staring, at the clock as each minute ticks by

Worried, confused or maybe amused

Because beneath the hurt I felt, the love still shines through

I may not be exact,

Or come close to what you could subtract,

Divide, multiply to make a different version of you.

I am the exact,

Unperfect, unattract

-tive to most that don’t understand the scars beneath these bruises

a guard without a clue but she blossoms each way she turns

Because she is not amused

By the echoes, she hears from others who accuse her of being everything

But otherwise. And that is herself.
© DianaKolawole.Design


Posted in: Poetry

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