Flowers. What comes to your mind? beauty.. death.. pain? Well, could be more but they are beautiful to some.  The way the blossom, the way they open up to you, telling you everything and showing you all they have.

Similar to us? well.. in a way. But we are not that quick to show how vulnerable or how beautiful we are inside. And all can be done with self-discovery.

Who am I? What is my purpose? Is there more than JUST being a good person? Yes, there is. Embracing that is important. You may focus solely on your flaws but just like the rose, there is beauty in its thorns.

And although we may be beside lilies or just beside dandelions, we are still amazing and beautiful. Each having a purpose to fulfil and a change to make in this world. But, the important thing is for us to think about what we are feeding ourselves. We could have every nutrient but, if we lack 1 thing which is LOVE, it pointless.

So lets us dive deep inside ourselves and find that ocean of love and pour it upon others.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-10 at 18.20.43

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