I sat down today as I thought about tomorrow and all it’s prospects thereby making me eager to want to see tomorrow but then is tomorrow really the future? Or am I living in a continuum of todays? Thus became the discourse of my heart.
Tomorrow is my yesterday’s today and yesterday was the day before yesterday’s tomorrow. So I guess tomorrow never comes indeed. So why do I live for, hope for, chase after, and run after a day which I never catch up with or at best may leave a shadow for me to bask in, which is my today.
Everything I do, I hope to continue tomorrow but alas I wake up and find out I’m still in today and sometimes this causes me sorrow because tomorrow, I remember wishing for it, getting a horse and even rode on its back towards it but what I longed for was just my today some 24 hours ago, then why do I strive so much for tomorrow? A day that never comes. Instead, I’ll just live in my today, do that I ought to do while I have do time for I always say tomorrow I’ll do this and that but it turns out to be today and then yesterday. So I guess tomorrow is today and will soon become yesterday.

© Chukwudi Isaac


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