Am I worthy of you?

In relationships, whether romantic or casual. we do come to this question. Am I worthy of you? Do I deserve you? do you owe me, am I entitled to you?

The question is no. We are not worthy of each other and our values and validations don’t depend on the other person. It depends on ourselves. Look at it from this point of view; we owe each other nothing as in Christ we are seen as equal. We each have different roles but we are seen as a working system under his umbrella. No one owes the other anything than just love. Love covers all things. Or in other words, we are better halves of ourselves and it’s working together through wisdom and understanding that one can achieve greatness.

LOVE. The aim, pursuit and a very strong drive. When we switch our mindset from thinking we are entitled to each other, that is when we get to enjoy and understand the person for them. And by not wanting anything in return, that will make our bonds more meaningful and better.

Jesus came and died for us and what did he want from us? Nothing. But that we are saved and be like him. Even for those who don’t believe, the logic still remains. If we keep feeling like we are God’s gift to the world and everyone around is owed us everything, then we just end up in depth when we get disappointed. We are all humans and we will disappoint each other. Excepting nothing and giving Love will help and heal many wounds.

Am I worthy of you? No. You, my dear, you are worthy of love, peace and happiness and that comes from you. When you understand your self-value, everything else will be added.

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