Pt.1 I’ve been thinking

Hi, I’m Tinashe. New to the team and I think… A lot.

Now, we may dive into some deep or sensitive topics but not trying to upset, just to have a conversation… Care to join me?

I’ve been thinking…

Re: Christian Movies pt1

Let me be real with you for a minute and the topic may upset you but just hear me out.

I’ve been thinking about Christian movies; about why most of them are objectively bad movies save for the occasional gem. We may differ here, but I view movies as an art from. If pictures paint a thousand words, film gives us 24 every second. Combining traditional ways of communicating the human experience; talking, singing, painting to give the ultimate insight a character’s experience. Unique and immersive points of view in settings and situations we ourselves couldn’t dream of, yet speak to us regardless.

More than just cameras staring at actors, it’s a director with a vision. Commanding a team composed of different specialities. Cinematographers painting each scene with lenses and settings. Actors being truthful in imaginary circumstances. Composers designing sounds that make you feel long before you see. Editors sewing all of this into one cohesive tapestry…

Christian movies are not art, but Sunday sermons in masquerade, made by preachers not filmmakers. Both wanting to show the truth; one about God, the other about the human experience but so rare to combine them in a genuine way. Often presenting people as cartoons to serve the narrative; happy, perfect Christians perpetually at war with self-centred, immoral, bitter Atheists. US vs THEM, a battle in black and white without shades of grey. In life there are bad Christians and good Atheists, even the Pope acknowledging it’s better to be the latter. Unfortunately, I think a lot of these movies are harmful, moulding young minds especially into the former.

But that’s for next time, was lovely meeting you,


©Tinashe Kuveya

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