I’ve been thinking.. part 2

So… God’s Not Dead…

But before that, I think it’s best to highlight some examples of good movies. Personal opinion of course.

An interesting viewpoint following the perspective of a non-believer during Christ’s crucifixion and the subsequent events.
The passion of the Christ:
At this point, doesn’t need an introduction but it’s a good example of a well-made film, artistically speaking.
The Hiding Place:
For those into older films, here is a tale of hardship, despair, faith, and ultimately, forgiveness.

Now, this film was chosen as an example because it contains almost all the negatives I feel need to be addressed in this industry. Even looking at this as a sermon in disguise… I still find great issue with the message being conveyed here.
Let’s start with the basics.
Who was this film made for? Christians already know that God’s not dead, so let’s look at Atheists. You’re free to give it a watch and form your own views but do I believe it’s effective at convincing them to convert?
… No.
Looking at how it portrays atheists as vile human beings, abusive and uncaring in nature with a secret hatred for God. Playing to the worst stereotypes against non-believers and seeming to revel in their misfortune and deaths. Going as far as showing a woman fighting cancer alone due to a lack of care and love in the secular world. Ultimately leading to the point that when in need, non-believers will inevitably seek God.
It goes on; this insult to a whole group of people, disrespectful and disingenuous. Ask yourself, would you be willing to join a cause that sees you in that way? Regardless of your actual nature or actions but simply due to your label as ‘other’.
So… Is it good for Christians?
Hell No 😉

Simply because what this movie portrays is not the truth; bearing the potential to twist and distort one’s perception of the world. Particularly young children who grow up defining atheists by those attributes. As monstrous enemies on a mission to stray them from their walk with God. Removing the ability to see them as just regular, or even good people. Removing the requirement to think.
There’s a little more but you know the drill. Until Next time.

© Tinashe Kuveya

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