Beauty in the eyes of the beholder,

but what do my eyes see?

flaws in flaws, resting beneath your skin,

but we hide it all, put on this notion that we are perfect

we lie to ourselves, make ourselves believe that we are not worth it



what is beauty? subjected to what only I can see,

subjected to only the path that has created and stitched together the experience that only I can read

my flaws are beautiful,

nothing can come close to the beauty it brings,

stories of struggles, insecurities and demons that transform themselves into the strength that only I can lead,

transform and refine them until they are written deeper than my skin

each latching onto my DNA, creating the person that is known as ME.


so you see…

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,

but what we forget is,

beauty is beyond skin deep

beauty lies in each one fo us, we just have to accept it

© DianaKolawole.Design





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