It’s okay to be lost : March

It’s okay to be lost part 2

Three months into this new year and a lot have happened.

Firstly with lots of deaths and the recent death of Stephen Hawkins. And many great men and women that have gone before him. At times like this, it just makes you appreciate the fact that we are alive and can see another day. It isn’t because of how righteous we are but, it is by Grace. Being at a certain place at a certain time and being oblivious to the dangers that surround us daily.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that. We have many reasons to be grateful and also realising how we’ve come a long way. We are becoming the best versions of ourselves with each day and each season. And we just need to remember that transformation takes time. It takes dedication and effort and the fruits of it won’t be in vain.

It may not be as amazing or as fast as we would like but, we will still get to that destination. As we look back we will realise why the obstacles were placed there and why certain people had to let us down.

But like I said before, we’re just three months into the new year. We have nine more months to go and this is only the beginning of greatness!

Thank you.


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