Don’t settle

There is beauty in the things that we have, especially when we choose not to settle. Settling for something lower than our worth. It happens in most areas of our lives but what is important is how we approach it.

For example, we can see that there are few toxic people in our lives, cutting them off should be comfortable but we get tied up with emotions and hoping they will change. And the number 1 trap is fear. Fear of the unknown and overthinking. We all do it, let us be honest. Keeping ourselves stuck in one dreadful place, hoping that the glance of something better comes along. But how long can we wait for that? Sometimes we just need to remove ourselves from it and have a different perspective on life and know what we want. Sadly, many don’t know what they want. They don’t know what they are worth, so they aim at anything that glistens. But not all are gold, some are just gold plated with coal underneath.

Back to the main point, we shouldn’t settle for something below our worth. Yes, we shouldn’t expect anything from others. We only have control over ourselves and our actions. But we can still look inwards and see what exactly should I say no to and where does the line between kindness and insult lie? When do you know you have had enough?

And all these come together and make us marvellous! Because when we choose not to settle, we remind ourselves of our worth. We don’t allow others to easily sway us for their own entertainment. It is good to put your foot down and say you’ve had enough.

You’re still marvellous! And just like everyone else, we all have our limits.

Thank you


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