I’ve heard the tale of Yonder Land
Where air is hale and gold, the sand;
‘Tis said the way to Yonder Land,
Be full of dread that minds go bland,
For even the brave have lost heart
And their courage, torn apart;
But ’tis also said of a part
Of men who though, they having warts,
Reached the Land and now recant tales;
Of the Land where no man is pale
For there’s no noise, nor is there rale,
For all there are hearty and hale
And the Ruler there is good and kind;
For His heart is set on mankind
For He seeks that all men should find
His Land so joy will fill his mind.
I was also told tales of the King
Who for love’s sake, gave everything;
And called all with their load to bring
So He’ll carry them; so they can sing;
For ’tis said the symphony there
Is pleasant music to the ear,
For all men do is rejoice there
For the King is glad at men’s cheer
I heard that there’s only one Way
But some miss it, even at day
And for it, they dearly pay
To find it, I was told to pray
Indeed my heart was filled with cheer
For men’s tales said I need no tier,
But I was told to expel fear
And not grow weary and despair.
So I was given A Guidebook
So that I will know where to look;
As well as follow every nook
Even though I be called a kook.
To be continued…

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