When our book is opened, we begin to write
Doesn’t matter whether we’re wrong or right
Its inescapable, whether we’re young or old
We all got stories about us that’ll be told
So I guess the first thing is to make our writing legible
So our life’s writ won’t be considered ineligible
Every now and then, we turn over a new leaf
And keep on writing, from our morals to beliefs
But what we write really matters
Cos they may crush us or make us fly like Wright brothers
Don’t leave problems without solutions
Because some will not check the appendices
Six score max, and our life is blown out
Fix all, fast before we’re thrown out
Cos when our book is closed and shelved
People will talk about our lives
What will people say about you in the grave
Just think about it while you live…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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