Our blessings outweigh our problems


I saw this post on Instagram. It is so relevant when it comes to our lives. No matter how bad our day is, our blessings outweigh our problems. Being able to sleep and wake up is all by God’s Grace. With all the storm life throws at us, let us not forget the blessings we have. We can not count them all, but they are more significant by our problems by far.

His Grace is sufficient for us, and it is also very empowering. If we understand our weaknesses and even understand that it is by his Grace we can overcome it, then we will move forward and focus on our destinations. We all want to see fireworks but can’t handle the fire, when the fire itself gives off heat. The problem we see might be frustrating us but, it is just creating enough heat and spark for God’s glory and power to be shown in our lives. It takes a lot to focus on God, but all he ever wants is to have you near him. He won’t abandon you, he is here to help you.


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