As I was doing a very late spring cleaning, I discovered I had clothes from 8-9 years ago. I was amazed by how much I haven’t really changed in size but also on how I moved from wearing all black to adding more colour. I began to question why I was drawn to such a dark colour at that point in my life, and so on.

Then, I realised that this was just a metaphor for how our lives are, we hoard onto things from our past because they are familiar and still “fit” whereas, we are not the same as then. We have developed and evolved. Whether it is an inch or 5, there is a difference between that person and now. And 9-10 is a long time, change is definitely going to happen, but the important part is where is your mind now?

Are you grateful for what you’ve learnt or are there regrets? Or are there things you need to throw away? Think about it. Some of the “rubbish” we have in our lives are 2-3 bags full yet, the hardest part is actually throwing them away and making space for growth and peace. It takes faith and courage to hope and see something better. But, it takes great strength to recognise what is rubbish in our lives and throw them away or at least, work on them. Not all things are “rubbish”, most are just misplaced or undervalued, while it could add value to someone else.

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