I know everyone has a situation in their life whereby, they are either apprehensive or worried about something. It could be uni/job/ministry/partner.. you name it. And one can get overwhelmed by that situation as it becomes so endless and tedious.

I would like to share how I have learnt/learning to cope with these situations.

  • Understand that God is bigger than your problem – not sure if any of us drive, but when you keep your eyes focus on a particular direction, the car will begin to move towards that. That is how we are, if we focus on God we will see how sovereign he is and also see that our problems are so small compared to him.
  • Speaking things into existence– there is power in the tongue; for life and death are in the power of the tongue. Whatever you believe you are right. If you think the situation will kill you, guess what? You are right. If you think you are going to overcome it, you are also correct. Speak into the test, situation even yourself, and see how your situation will change over time. The enemy is very smart and knows the power in words. They will make you think you are a failure and all those things when God says you are victorious! You an heir to his kingdom!
  • Thanksgiving – I keep saying it but, Thanksgiving does wonder. I am not sure if any of you participate in the Halleluyah challenge which Nathaniel Bassey hosts, but it transformed how I see situations in life. If you are able to thank God in faith for the testimony that will come out from your test, then you will have the key to his heart. Plus, God doesn’t give exactly what you as for, he always gives you beyond you can imagine.
  • There’s no test without a testimony – the bible says that when we should rejoice when we are being trialled and tested for the outcome will be greater. God knows exactly why you are going through that path and what he wants you to learn. So as much as it is difficult and we are all human, let us try and focus on God and walk with him. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Our help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. He is our helper.

Lastly, the solution to most of our challenges lies within the problem itself. It is just about how we look at it and our approach. The process is greater than the outcome.

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