New season

God ministered to me and showed me something. The skin condition I was having was for a reason. The fact that my skin was peeling off was a reflection on how God was removing my old layer and underneath was a new skin. One that was more beautiful.

The cream represents God’s word and continual application of it. Twice a day I should use it, and I should have confidence in it. The length of it is four weeks, but during my halfway point I was able to see progress and continue.
This is how God wants me to grow and develop. This is my new season. This is my Autumn/spring season. For old things have passed away and in him, I am a new creature.
I thank God for allowing me to go through this and helping me to understand that my logic and understanding doesn’t work. I need him always. And with him, there is healing and focus. Now, he has turned my shame to glory. And my star is shining.
I just want to encourage you, whatever situation you are going through and you are applying your logic. Remember always to seek God. Because just like me, I made my condition worse and delayed my miracle.
To God be all the glory.

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