The Door to World 7 (Part One)

Time, how precious it can be, mishandled and it’ll fade away in an instant, each day we see ourselves enter another flow of time, chasing down another man’s shadow, following the trail of an old tale. This is an old tale, one that was buried and forgotten, though despite the efforts of the departed, this story is about to be retold.

I was born and raised in an old run down small town in Gape City, I’ve lived in a small house along with my brother and mother for about a year now after the passing of my father 3 years ago, he was a strong willed man and had a strong desire to help others in need because of this he took up a position within the police force, and continued to be a fighter, my older brother looked up to him as a driving force to be a better man and wanted to follow in his footsteps but in his own way.

My name is Silvia Levine, I’m well-versed when it comes to bugs/insects and all gung ho for adventuring, I can come off as quite the goofball and often will drag my older brother Dante in the wildest of adventures that I keep locked up in my private diary. When compared, Dante is quite a tough cookie, after our father died, he became somewhat over protective towards me and continues to better himself at his career to a support the family.  

As Dante and I grew up we would join forces to explore areas to locate any ‘lost’ treasure that could be found, searching high and low to find the x on a map that we would create on our own, running about in town and always grab a piece of fruit at the end of the day at the local market.

Years passed, and slowly but surely those days of city roaming were put to a close, though I would always continue writing down any adventures that I’d do in my diary. My brother went on to explore his sporting career and would travel away from home for several days, but he’d always drop us cash while away.

The days when he was home, he would spend majority of that time working at local market to earn some extra cash to help pay off student debt and help around the house. We’d spend little to no time together, and even though I’d try, he wasn’t up for taking a break any time soon.

Eventually, I would follow along and gained an interesting in photography, which led to a career in film making, my days of adventuring were put to a close, or so I thought.

On a frosty night, I was exploring the attic for a spare camera, but instead I found something even more intriguing buried in a pile of old junk, a medium sized dusty and slightly torn book laying there right before my eyes, of course I had to take a little peak, what harm would that do.

The book seemed to have been handed down from one generation to another from the look of it and for my taste it had a rather cryptic title, The Door to the Hidden World, but that only fueled my desire to know what was contained inside, I opened the book and I was quite disappointed, it only had a few written pages, but the rest of the book was a guideline to finding some door not too far off the outskirts of the city.

Luckily for me, Dante was over, and so I rushed downstairs immediately without hesitation or reading any further into the book, I did my best to persuade him to listen and tag along for the ride, and so after minutes of pleading, he finally settled down and decided to listen as I read the legend contained in the book.

“The door to hidden world is identical to reality, the flow of time is quite the opposite, as one enters, peace of heart remains, while the heart is examined by every passing minute, heart, thoughts and imaginations are split apart, memories are distorted and only the connection of a true heart can put it back together, before transformation begins. A pair of an unbreakable bond is needed to open the door”.

The book closed immediately, I was all pumped up, bursting with energy, while on the other hand my brother shrugs it off without a second thought only to call it a ‘fairy tale’, I bowed my head in disappointment but didn’t give up I once again tried my world class persuasive skills and once again got him to follow my lead.We both examined the map, and Dante deducted that the trail leads to the Crimson Graveyard not far from Tally Street, and so we set off at sunset venturing through the city, dashing through alleyways and passing through the sewers under Tally Street, to eventually arrive at Crimson Graveyard.“A pair of an unbreakable bond is needed to open the door” the only words that kept my mind racing to solve the meaning of these words.

At the peak of giving up, I held tightly to my brother’s ankle keeping him from leaving the area of interest, when suddenly from out of nowhere a door materialised out of the ground.Covered in moss, vines that looked to be years without any hydration, nevertheless this was the door that had managed to capture the interest of my brother, moments later, the door began to open, a pure bright light shun through the gap, at that moment we had realised a new world was opening before us, a new adventure is about to begin.

This concludes part one of The Door to World 7.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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