The restless soul seeks adventure,
The hungry soul longs for satisfaction;
But are they ever filled?
Do they find rest?
For in going here and there –
And moving hither and thither,
We think we will be accomplished;
But it seems as thus:
An accomplishment begets the quest for another
So we say to ourselves:
‘A little more now,
A little more later’
Then we go about each passing day,
Chasing something at another’s price;
For if truth will be told;
Something must give,
In exchange of what we pursue –
But take heed for many have lost themselves,
For in their seeking to have more,
They end up having less
Of what ought not to be.
Don’t give more for less
Neither give less for more.
Therefore in your quest for more,
Pay attention to the little things,
A smile, a hug, a word of hope;
Time, love, family…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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