Pride – poem


His walls are as tight.

Tighter than a metal chains circling around me like, a venomous snake squeezing me before the fall.


Opens his arms

His charming voice speaks

power and control.

But, what you don’t understand is how he deceives you,

Puffing you up like a balloon full of air until you reach your maximum and you


You blast into pieces,

Just to discover that you were using him to guard your insecurities.

To muffle the sound of your shouts for control…

Control, control, control

But what exactly does it profit you?

… This so called. Control.

But, don’t mind me,

Enjoy your quality time with him, your – pride.

Let him dance around you like a moth beside the light.

Let him harden your heart like water in minus 20 – only breakable when removed from the cold.

Immune to any frostbite he gives you. But, all this doesn’t matter to you because, all you care about is you and him. Your pride.


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