For God to lead
And faith to guide
For peace to reign
And love to rule,
Are what he taught us.

‘Always be yourself
And don’t compromise’
For he once said,
‘Let your words and actions,
Be one and the same’

I have learnt from him
To open up one’s door,
But above all,
To open up one’s heart
For to be kind is important

I also learnt this:
That life is in phases,
Be patient for your turn will come,
But while you are patient,
Seek to develop your character

He taught me that –
Define what your life should be
Based on the Holy Bible,
For there will be voices here and there
And distractions at every corner

He showed me thus:
Be satisfied with one woman,
And to the woman you love
Always remember to be true to her
In both words and actions

If I could be half the man you are
In devotion, love, and sacrifice;
In character, integrity and dedication,
I’ll surely be glad and happy
For the rest of my days.

To my father and friend
My role model and mentor
My brother and buddy
My teacher and pastor

From: Your Son

© Chukwudi Isaac

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