Without You (Part Two)

Part One: http://dianakolawole.design/2019/08/02/without-you-part-one

Life has those special moments that are truly unforgettable. You know now that I think about it, maybe it’s during those moments that people see the good in their special someone or maybe I’m just overthinking this whole thing…

Job Hunting

Getting out of bed is such a chore, the constant sound of an alarm, that you swore you did not set up, but it continues to ring as though it has not made itself known the first few seconds.

Nghh! I’m not a morning person.

That morning while I was chowing down on my favourite snack, my dad slammed in front of me a newspaper telling me clearly that I’ll soon be old enough to start paying rent.


A wave of anxiety flooded my body, as I realised that I’ll have to wake up early to be around people I most likely won’t ever get used to…

Life really does suck.

The weekend arrived, bringing a dash of hope to the week once again. Although, little did I know that I’d be spending my Saturday searching through a ton of newspapers while skimming through a magazine or two to find the perfect job that hopefully pays well and has me doing the least amount of work.

My options were limited and so I chose to sign up to a few retail jobs that were local, just so I could get my parents off my back on this whole job thing.

Sunday came around, and I decided to sleep in for once and despite the snow that fell to no end, I was feeling quite springy that day, so I went to my favourite pancake place for breakfast to have their meal of the day deal.

This day is awesome!

Waffles vs Pancakes Debate

While eating my delicious meal, I overheard a heated argument with two dudes sitting nearby. They were going on and on about whether pancakes or waffles were better and be frank it was the lamest debate to ever exist.

It’s obvious that pancakes stand no chance against the more superior waffle, pancakes only come in one flavour around here I couldn’t imagine waking up every morning to that.

But waffles have that unique taste to them and can be topped with nearly anything and the number of flavours out there are unmatched, it’s literally the best thing to start the morning with.


It just sucks that there is no Waffle Day.

Though I wonder what a fusion between the two would be called, hmm, panffle? Caffle? Oo how about Kanfle, you know what never mind.

Picture Day

Soon enough the next day came and strangely Isabelle called me really early excited over something, I was half asleep at the time but mumbled my way through the conversation if I remember correctly, I think she asked if I was ready for picture day…

Worst day of the year!


I cleaned myself up and headed straight for the door, making it just in time for the school bus, although despite my efforts I ended up ruining my outfit and once again getting mocked by the other students.

I hate picture day.

Isabelle was next in line to take her photo and of course, she was prepared for it, as usual, she even went as far as to wear a rather large coat just to shield herself from any dirt that may ruin this moment.

Gotta admire her smarts for stuff like this.

Summer Vacation

After a few months of nothing but assignments and exams, summer came around the corner. Isabella had plans for what we could do together during this time, of course, I had to say yes since I had no other plans of my own.

The first on the list was a tropical island, of course, neither of us had the funds to pay a trip to anywhere so we had to somehow convince both of our parents and work our butts off to get this trip underway.

With only four weeks of summer left, we travelled across the ocean and landed into the island of our dreams. We spent two weeks indulging ourselves in dance parades, island ice teas and tons of chocolate, we even got the chance to do a bit of shopping on the island.

My first travel adventure and it was epic!

After a few days of rest, Isabella and I spent the weekend on a camping trip with a few of our other friends, well her friends anyway. We ate a few s’mores and shared a few stories together and even went swimming in a lake close by.

Isabella and I ditched the rest of them to go to an arcade that just a few minutes away, neither of us wanted to leave without trying out all of the games there but soon enough we were running out of coins and had to return to the group.

The weekend ended and so did our camping trip, meaning the next few days were gonna be beyond boring.

Wednesday! Isabella came around that day and dragged me all the way out to the old abandoned railway, I had no clue that the place was still around or why she wanted to be there.


While we were there we talked for a few hours, walking up and down the train tracks, eventually we got off and sat on the bench and took a bunch of pictures together to savour the moment.

The Tragedy

The moment came when I needed the toilet, lucky for me there was one close by, though it wasn’t the cleanest toilet in the world, I had no choice.

The chatter never ended with us but shortly after we had to head home since it was getting late and eventually a search party might be called with my dad at the forefront.

We walked side by side talking all the way.

However, a drunk brute came by demanding from us money, strangely enough, I gave him the remaining coins I had in my pocket so that he would leave us alone.

Everything seemed to have cooled down but then as we left the scene, the brute fired the gun he carried, the bullet went through Isabella’s chest taking her down instantly while alerting the police that was close by.

My body froze, memories of our adventures flashed before my eyes, the tears that dropped onto her were endless and soon enough the ambulance was called as she was rushed to the hospital.

The news shortly came in and it was as I thought.

I lost my greatest treasure…


This concludes part two of Without You.

© Roderick Lukenge


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