Without You (Finale)

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Pitter…patter…pitter… patter…

The dripping of rain is really relaxing to listen to, though the footsteps that tread on the ground constantly ruin the blissful moment. I’ve been thinking lately about everything going on in my life and soon enough I’ll be graduating.

Oh boy, graduation is gonna be one heck of a trip for sure.


Slaving Away

Buuuutt, for now, I’m stuck being a grocery bagger…Uggh! The smell of booze is everywhere around this store, the janitor must really have a hard time getting around though, this place is huuuuge.


Lucky for me I’m best mates with the manager, well I think I am anyway, she’s not very vocal about it and kind of leaves me hanging whenever I want to talk to her… B-but I can tell you I have some kind of bond with her.

Oh, who am I kidding… She hates me!

However, I did mate a few friends in this store, some customers randomly offer me flowers and some sweets every now and then, you know now that I think about it, maybe it’s their way of flirting…

Oh well! Free stuff for me!

Promoted at Last

It took a bit of blood sweat and tears but after several months I finally got the promotion I was looking for, now I got to be the boss of someone else and ruin their day like no tomorrow.

What has this store turned me into…?!

A few of us joined together and we celebrated the night away after three of us got our promotion, not a single bit of food was spared thanks to yours truly.

I’m always down for a good party!


Graduation Day

A month later, graduation day had finally shown up and like every other major event I was ill-prepared for this big day, although I did manage to get my graduation gown ordered and get my hair done so I guess I’m somewhat ready for this…

Oh no, birds are flying across my head! Time to make a run for it!

After running from a flock of birds I made it to the graduation hall the school booked for us, one after another we were each called and some of us had to go further beyond and make a fool out of themselves, others went ahead and made a grand speech they prepared.

To be honest, I really can’t be a hater here, I gotta admire their confidence! I just hoped they’d stop tripping over themselves before giving their speeches.

Once the graduation was over, some of us took photos with our teachers with me included. On my way out of school, one of my teachers took the opportunity to hand me a photo that she thought I should have.

It was a picture of her…Isabella before she passed away…

I took the photo as a token of my teacher’s care and the bond that the three of us shared together.


Man, this photo does bring back memories, during that time Isabella thought it’d be a great idea to go to the park that had a water slide, we got so drenched.

An Old Friend’s Wish

With that memory in mind, I chose to head down to the cemetery to pay a visit to her, I try my hardest not to go there too often otherwise people around would think I’m crazy talking to myself for several hours.

While I stood in front of her grave, I let her know how I’m getting along and though I ask every time I questioned how she’s doing where she is expecting an answer to come to me.


I miss you so much…

I just wish you was here again…

I hope we can meet again someday…

But for now, I’ll honour your wish for me to continue on without you.

This concludes Without You.

© Roderick Lukenge


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