Blind Youth

Strength is something we all look for, though we don’t all go on the same path to gain it, some take the high road and pass through treacherous roads to achieve their goals while others settle for the easy-going paths but end up having to clean up a great mess along the way.

But as the generations go on, a boy like me finds it even more confusing to know which path is the most rewarding one to tread on.


A Strange Embrace

Though I am blind I have felt the world around me shift to different ways of living, the calmness of the wind that I was so used to has also changed into something I’m not familiar with.

Now at the age of twelve I have still not understood why I was cursed with blindness nor why many treat me like I have no understanding of common things or why they think I cannot respond to their cruel words and actions, but I know one day they’ll come to the understanding that I am human enough to show forth my purpose to this world.


That day surely did arrive… While being alone in the playground with others passing me by, I felt a warm embrace as if it were something outside this world, and suddenly the darkness from my eyes vanished in an instant and for moments longer than before I could see the reality that I was so used to being in.

Living Free

I will not lie to you… The feeling of receiving my sight back after the many years of reliving the devastation that took place earlier on in my life, it felt odd, almost unbelievable, but it also felt good.

The enemies I had made, the friends that embraced me whenever I would be in the room, my own family members both good and bad I could finally see their faces.

Yet, I still feel like my purpose in this world has not been fulfilled.


Seiko Toku has been my name since birth and only now can I write it down myself, I cried after the first attempt at writing with my right hand and even more so when reading to myself.

I may not know where that warm embrace came from or why it chose me, but I can only think that it was a greater being outside this world that thought it was time for me to smile again.

Thank you, my friend.

This concludes Blind Youth.

© Roderick Lukenge


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