Monday’s assurance

As my thoughts fade through the bubbly chatter that darts around the room,
filling each square with noise and joy. I think to myself of all the expectations I have for myself, of all the challenges I see on my way and the mountains that will prance around the week.

Yes, uncertainties are not the best and, truthfully letting go of control is even more frightening. But, what keeps me at ease is knowing that, I will only let go to only one person and that is, God.

I don’t know my tomorrow and funnily enough, I don’t know what is ahead of me in the next hour or so. As anxious as I can be,I refuse to allow such to enter my heart of my mind. All I need to remember is to smile and to rejoice in the Lord. Thanking him for his goodness upon my life.

As my mind eagerly captures the blessings I have received today, I sense my shoulders lower and rest gently – no tension, no fear. It’s easy to allow the fears of tomorrow to worry us. But, don’t let that blind you to a point you can’t count your blessings.

A grateful heart attracts favour from the Lord. Open your heart to him, be available to him so he can pour out his love into you.

From a soul to another, Jesus loves you

Love Diana,


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