School walks

Trips to school were cool with you,

You were my leader, my joker and that’s when I learnt more about you.

In silence we would walk yet, I would learn a lot about you

Your favourite colour, what seasons you hated and what made you, you.

I cherish the walks to school and how I enjoyed walking just because of you .

For the sake of Nostalgia , I appreciate you for those times,

those sacrifices and those golden moments

You weren’t scary, you were as candid as can be.

With many things in your mind and many responsibilities ,

When I look back now, I understand how it must have felt.

But you did it anyway , just because you love me.

You made me appreciate quality time and the value in conversations,

You made me understand the importance of silence and what a father is.

For this, I appreciate you more and more.

Love Diana,


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