She walked by with her friend
Hand in hand did they hop by
They gazed in the distance
I wondered what they saw
As they looked afar
Hope? Fear? Love? Hate?
They were smiling though
Maybe the sky’s blue was brighter
It seems the sun was a bit more golden
Or they were simply happy
Because there was no school

Source: Google

After all, we mostly felt that way
When we were about six or seven
But whatever it is,
I hope their world
Continues to be colourful
With a dash of warm colours
Here and there
I hope their smiles fade not
I hope they continue to leap
For joy and giant strides

Source: Unsplash

I hope their reality now
Changes their future world
I wondered how it will be
If we looked at the world
Through the eyes they saw it
Maybe it will be a better place,
Maybe, we’ll make it work
Maybe, we’ll be happier
Maybe, we’ll love some more
Maybe all we need to do
In our trying time
Is to see things,
Through the eyes of hope…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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