Plot twist 🔀

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Not everyone wishes you well.

A sad reality but one that shouldn’t create fear or sadness amongst us. It should allow us to realise the way our human minds work. And how we dislike anything that’s a threat.

But, why should we see our brothers and sisters as threats? Aren’t we from the same blood like?


These questions linger in my mind as I think about the world and also the body of Christ.

We are one body. Entwined around Jesus and his Gospel. Saved by grace through faith. Not by works or our righteousness.

Going back to the threat topic, if we could see ourselves as pieces of this great masterpiece, designed by God. Why should we allow comparison and competition take us away from the cross?

You see, this is part of the devil’s plan to take our eyes off Jesus and more on ourselves. It’s like taking your eyes off the most beautiful scenery and focusing on how crusty your toes are. (no shade lol )

My point is, the same way how the beautiful scene doesn’t need you to make it beautiful, is the same way the gospel doesn’t need our selfishness and insecurities to still be about Jesus.

If we focus more on him and seeking to know him, then our perspective will be better. And we’ll care less about how flawed we are but rest our hope and strength on how sovereign and gracious he is to us.

Love Diana,


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