Unknown regrets

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What does regret look like to you? Unspoken words? Fear? Not having closure?

Regrets can shape or push our lives forward. They can make us leave the past while they can trap us in the past.

I’ve seen regret cripple so many people on things that actually aided their destinies. Instead of magnifying God and his sovereign name, they want to magnify their mistakes.

God doesn’t keep tally on your wrongs. He loves you past each and every one of them. Condemnation and neither does the law hold you. We are saved by Grace through faith!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some mistakes that are embarrassing and can affect one’s life. But we should try to run to God, ask for his mercy and grace to return where he wants us to be.

Condemnation can not free you from the prison of fear and regret. Only Jesus can!

Love Diana,


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