Ghost Letter (Chapter Three)

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The Fate Of Evil Deeds

Cleaning up the cobwebs inside our hearts is much harder than those around us may think. Deep within every soul in this world is a treasure they tried to obtain, whether that was through fair means or through evil means.

The intent of each action is always seen toward the end, yet if one observes conversation long enough, you may find a clue as to what may occur later. 

No matter how many times you try, a person’s motives are unclear; indeed, the heart is not easy to read, and the mind is filled with overwhelming evil.

Truth is the Ghouls needed a light, someone to show them the error of their ways but so did those that live above us. 

Both sides continued to strife against one another, it didn’t matter what anyone said or done to Break the feud, those that didn’t want to get involved could only watch to see the division take its course.

Even though many time’s peace tried to make its way between the two, it could never get its way in the end.

If only I had done more to bring unity to those I loved the most, maybe then we would’ve survived…

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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