Beyond fear

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Beyond fear lies strength and dignity. It might be hard to believe but, fear is not God’s will for us.

Many of us have had regrets because of fear and wondered why we even allowed it to rule us. We see many examples of people who fought past their worries and doubts and succeeded.

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I recently discovered it when I spoke up and asked for help. And it was amazing. I didn’t understand why I didn’t ask sooner. And just like many of us, we allow ourselves to talk us out of little things.

I am not talking as someone who has conquered every fear and insecurity in my life but, as one who is learning and hopes to share what I’ve learnt with others.

There’s life beyond overthinking

Today, think about what fear has cost you. Think about the regrets you now have because of it and choose life! Choose to leave the prison of fear and be free!

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