Milo Tales (Chapter One)

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One touch…One hope…One song.

This is all you need in life to stay strong, the remedy for a broken heart and an opening for one to see a glimpse of what could be.

To be given a chance to taste the unknown.

You’re a trapped little bird, desperate in your search for affection. Your wings have been tarnished, and the beauty of your voice has become unpleasant. 

Stolen from your tiny cage and left here to be forgotten is where your heart has taken you and your mind not knowing how to return.

Your will and desire for the hold of true love are but a small dose of what the future has in store. 

Little bird search long and far and soon youʼll find the love you’ve eagerly awaited for, yes indeed very soon youʼll kiss the lips of someone genuinely worth your time.

Do not allow fear to cloud, nor the sight of hate that blinds us all, for the pain you now go through is only for a moment, your tale of love is only just beginning.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by SeaReeds from Pixabay

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