Cup Half Full

I’ve grown to become someone who realises that, there are so many perspectives to one story and how, many of our issues come from refusing to look beyond what we think “we know”. When in actuality, give it a year later, we would recount the exact same situation differently.

This has caused so much problems to all of us. From, judging someone badly to even prejudging a whole ethnic group because of 1 experience which screams misunderstanding! And where do you think misunderstanding comes from? Exactly, different perspectives.

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I hear a lot of people say things like, “I see where you are coming from but, I don’t agree with a point”. And other similar words. My question is, how can you really see and understand someone’s point without seeking to understand their story? Instead of searching for a full story, we look for highlights. Which is funny because, you can not have highlights without a story.

Where am I going with this? We have biases, we have our own individual perspectives which are from what we’ve seen, heard, felt and thought about. But, we shouldn’t thrust that down someone else because we think our way is right. When really it isn’t. It’s just one way of looking at situation. If we can push back our pride and entitlement, maybe we will learn how to really empathise with others and be more sensitive to those around us.

And hopefully, we can allow others to be understood instead of us, focusing on our own selfish perspective.

Food for thought.

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