Old habits die hard

The saying “old habits die hard” at times, sounds like such a clique saying but, it can be true. We have habits we can not explain, “where did we develop them?” – we don’t quite know but, they are there.

And it can be frustrating trying to explain or justify why we do what we do. But, I wonder why we believe that these habits can not be changed? Especially when deep down, we already know that they are not good for us and those around us.

We wonder why it pushes others away when really, we are the common denominator in all of this. It is us that has to change. And we shouldn’t allow pride to puff us up to the extent we feel self-righteous.

Photo by Nguyu1ec5n Thanh Ngu1ecdc on Pexels.com

Work of these old habits and try and change them.

Don’t be afraid to change and grow.

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