Along the way, I lose my way
And wander away
Where I lose myself
From the bonds of life,
From its twists and turns
From its swirls and swoons,
Let me unwind and give in
And feed my soul with vanity,
Let my eyes feast on what it sees
And my lips taste of the good of the earth
Let my heart dive into its vanities
And my body be open to life’s pleasures
But I hope it won’t be pricey
I hope I won’t give myself along the way
To be found in penury, despair and pain
I pray not to end up Wilde,
Give into vanity and lose all I have
I hope I don’t get absorbed in narcissism
And turn into an echo
Maybe that’s its price
Maybe that’s life’s cost
But who knows?
Who knows?

(c) Chukwudi I.

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