Learn to Wait Upon the Lord

The year has only just begun and with it, a time of impatience and haste has seeped in some of our lives to grab our attention away from God in hopes of getting things moving faster in day to day life. In this teaching, I’ll be bringing to you a guide on how we can slow down, refocus, reset and position ourselves to receive from the Lord what He intends for us while we wait on Him for His guidance.

Faith is the Key

Faith is the main ingredient every believer needs in order to receive from God. When it comes to waiting it can sometimes lead us to lose our faith balance and instead push us to rely on other things to keep us stable even if it is only for a moment. However, it is only through faith we can remain standing in the season of waiting and see for ourselves God’s promises come to pass in our situation and reap a greater development in our faith walk with the Lord.

Keep Your Focus on Him

As we wait on God you are bound to come into contact with distractions, but it is up to you to entertain them or not. We can maintain our focus by surrounding ourselves with faith-building communities, friends or family and by filling our minds in the Word of God and spending time with Him in prayer. By doing so it’ll be easier to recognise a distraction and effectively handle it the moment it pops up.

Develop Your Trust With God

Trust is hard to grow in any relationship and for many may never grow at all purely due to past failed associations. Nevertheless, trust plays a vital role in every relationship, as it builds and strengths individuals and places a level of dependability. We can develop our trust in God by continually following His lead and witnessing the results of our obedience to Him first through small matters and eventually bigger circumstances. Therefore, trust can only grow through our willingness to take the next step forward.

© Roderick Lukenge

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