It’s good sometimes,
We sit silently,
And still ourselves
Of needless motions
Maybe those times,
We could think
And reflect deeply
On those things
That indeed matter
At such times,
It’ll seems like
Nothing is important,
All we have
Looks irrelevant then.
Could it be
That the soul,
And our minds,
Though very busy,
Need us sometimes,
To sit silently?

On some days,
We sit silently,
With sealed lips
And just listen
To the silence
The times when,
Silence is loud,
And quiet cries
Seem to say
Things the tongue
Can’t seemingly express
On such days,
Maybe we’d see
The vain pursuit
Of life itself
The foolish quest
We sometimes follow
Sometimes, o man
Just sit silently
With sealed lips….

(c) Chukwudi I.

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