Crusty Onion (Chapter 1)

Nature’s Tears

We keep pushing ourselves forward but fail to see the end. Bleeding non-stop for a goal despite the many dead ends we encounter. Growing up in Huste makes you feel this way, unlike the other kids here in this village I had to take the high road when we came to be accepted. I was born with a strange power or rather unpleasant odour that affects the world around me.

Depending on my mood I can raise a flower from slumber or wipe away a field of roses with a single glare. Nature itself is bound to the stench that haunts me every day. It was a slow burn for me, as at first, I found this ability to be powerful yet fun to use but it soon became feared, eventually I was seen as an outcast even to my own family.

No one seemed to want me around…

Nowadays I sleep with the forest animals, they are my true friends. I would often play with them and soon learn to find ways to communicate with each one. However, one day a great disturbance flooded the forest, inch by inch the colours that made this place so vibrant started to fade away and the animals that were left behind had fallen asleep.

Tears started to fill my eyes but a sudden shot of boldness welled up in me shortly after, I couldn’t stand around my world dying in front of me, I must discover a way to save the forest from this unprecedented plight.

© Roderick Lukenge

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