Life line

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The right support can be a lifeline for many of us in different situations. Some of them are visible and you can see their love and affection for you. They are cheering you on and are reliable and helpful almost to a fault.

Others are more discrete and focus on the need of the other person rather than announcing their presence. They are the ones who intercede and sacrifice their own comfort yet somehow you won’t be able to see it.

Today, I want us to think about the second group of people who are so selfless and giving to a point that it may look invisible but deep down it leaves you speechless.

I want us to appreciate the community or group of people who have been our support and strength in life. Yet they accept us for who we are.

But most importantly, I want us to remember that there’s someone who is much more reliable than all of these wonderful people. This person knows us better than we know ourselves and loved us even when many of us hated, disrespected and betrayed him.

And that person is Jesus. Let him come into your life today. Let him be your Lord and personal Saviour

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