Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. Many of us have been hurt, felt offended, and we keep telling ourselves we forgive our offenders but the honest truth is most of us don’t really genuinely forgive our offenders. My question is 1.) how do you know you have genuinely forgiven someone who really […]



Birthdays are special. They call for celebrations and most often than not are reminders that we are progressing. Today, I celebrate a great team player and person, Roderick.

May this day be a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness over your life. Wishing you the best is not just enough but we wish that the best will be your good and you’ll excel beyond your bounds in all you do and all you are.

This is cheers to the good life! This is cheers to a great man!! This is cheers to an amazing year ahead for you!!!

Happy Birthday once again, Roderick.

Chukwudi Isaac

Loyalty to God ~

Loyalty to God, is really all about . . . trusting always in Him without having doubt. It takes determination, a devoted firmness it takes fortitude a dedicated steadiness. Loyalty to God, is believing and relying that our daily strength He will be providing. It takes perseverance, a resilient resoluteness it takes commitment a decisive […]

Loyalty to God ~