Total Surrender


I have always struggled with surrendering all areas of my life to God… Why? Because I get scared that if I give it all to him he won’t give me all I ever want, but that is a lie from satan.

Sometimes I try to handle things with my own strength knowing fully well that it will not go down well lol.

I have come to a realization lately that the holy spirit is a person, he is our partner and friend. His desire is to hold our hands as we walk through this journey together. He teaches us total surrender from his word of truth, he aligns our thoughts in obedience to Christ, daily I talk to him in prayers and invite him all over again into my life, admitting my weaknesses. Transparency is key is walking with the holy spirit. I know my strength will fail me. There…

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This week, we are talking about ourselves and I find it interesting. I feel we humans are versatile, hence the thought of us talking about ourselves feels restricting, sometimes except in a professional setting… I guess. However, I will try to say a thing or two about myself.
My name is Chukwudi (an Igbo by tribe from South Eastern Nigeria), I was born and bred in Jos, Plateau State (North Central Nigeria), I come from a close knit family and I’ve got the world’s best siblings in my 2 sisters.

I love hiking (growing up in Jos, I was part of a hiking group. I remember going to Shere Hills, Jarawa Hills, etc. the beautiful scenery, majestic hills, and the cool Jos breeze made such moments one of the best in my life).

I also love reading (a whole lottt… ranging from history books to mythologies, medical books to theology – just about almost everything apart from Horror and umm… Romantic books/novels).

I love writing (majorly poetry). Once in a while, I do write articles and short stories but poetry has got my heart anytime, anyday.

I love music (which drove me to learn how to play the guitar. I won’t say I am proficient but I guess I am a passable player though). My best musical genres (in no particular order) are:
1. Rock (soft, alternative, hard and once in a while, heavy metal)
2. Rap
3. RnB
4. Reggae (majorly Lucky Dube)
5. Pop (a bit)
6. Soul…
7. Oldies (Kool & The Gang, Bryant Adams, etc… coming down to Phil Collins which is one of my favourite artistes of all time).

I love photography (especially mobile photography). It makes me appreciate nature and all of God’s creation more. However, I do not necessarily like taking pictures (I keep on asking myself, am I smiling too little or too much? is the pose extra? abeg its stressful)

I love thinking (mostly creative thinking). I love seeing things from other angles and playing with ideas a whole lot in my head.

Art is another cool thing I love. I love going for art exhibitions and hearing the artist explain his art (mostly abstract anyways) and what it means.

I try watching movies every now and then… Phew, a bit hard to watch through a movie at once but I’ll keep on trying… Animations and cartoons got me though and by the way, I think Lion King, Tarzan, Prince of Egypt and Hercules got one of the best soundtracks.

I recently started loving hanging out a bit more before the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyways, when it passes, I hope I continue from where I stopped. Fun fact: hanging out is fun… sometimes…

I love my family. They mean the world to me.

Yup! I love my job also.

Guess that’s that about me that I can share for now…

Thank you for taking time to read about me. loool.

Have a great day!!!

(c) Chukwudi I.