Like a seed, thoughts take control of us,

Consuming us of every inch of greatness, belief, faith

But they won’t take our dignity

Like seeds, we choose what to water, what to neglect,

But that is far from easy when we detect pain, the insecurity that stems so far down within us, that we are blinded to the point it is a part of us.


Like a seed, we can choose where we want to grow,

Where we want to be seen, far above the soil,

Far above what we really are.

But everything around us doesn’t make us.

It is what lies inside of us

What hides so deep into our hearts, our soul that nothing can take that away,

That glimpse of hope, love, passion and light we hold so tightly because we are just like that,

Seed who is fighting through its environment to become what HE/SHE wants to become and sees

But that the problem, what do we see?

are we our own limitations?

Or are we just, seeds.


© DianaKolawole.Design


words are heart to describe a friend,

a kind heart? a smile that lifts hurt? what is a friend?

one that listens and understand,

one that believes in himself and stands

above all, the struggles that it may bring

beneath it all, a soul so beautiful, with its outstretched wings

attracting all that is good, that is pure, that is kind

mixed in and formed to create a soul, a mind

full of creativity, words don’t do it justice,

standing beside a woman of Grace, her smile, like his fortress.

A year older you are my friend,

And as these years increase, may your joy never end.

Happy birthday 🤗

© DianaKolawole.Design

Saturday Morning

Gloomy a bit boring,

Things to do, things to write

Beneath the covers,

Beneath all that bothers

To decrease the creativity

Or a spark of reality

Swoops in and burst in all its sanity

That’s the urge I feel when I write.