words are heart to describe a friend,

a kind heart? a smile that lifts hurt? what is a friend?

one that listens and understand,

one that believes in himself and stands

above all, the struggles that it may bring

beneath it all, a soul so beautiful, with its outstretched wings

attracting all that is good, that is pure, that is kind

mixed in and formed to create a soul, a mind

full of creativity, words don’t do it justice,

standing beside a woman of Grace, her smile, like his fortress.

A year older you are my friend,

And as these years increase, may your joy never end.

Happy birthday 🤗

© DianaKolawole.Design

Saturday Morning

Gloomy a bit boring,

Things to do, things to write

Beneath the covers,

Beneath all that bothers

To decrease the creativity

Or a spark of reality

Swoops in and burst in all its sanity

That’s the urge I feel when I write.