Don’t give your ear
To hear a tale,
Especially one
That concerns you not.
For many have heard
Tales not meant for them,
And it spelt them doom;
While others heard
Tales that was told them,
And they deemed it fit
To tell another
And it broke a bond.
A man’s ear is quick,
And his tongue is even quicker
To want to tell a story,
So be careful
Of what you hear,
Filter your thoughts;
Guard your heart,
Muzzle your mouth;
Lest you be a talebearer
And be left with no reputation

© Chukwudi Isaac

Your Mercy

Faithful are thy ways,

unknown beneath your grace,

unmerited they are to me,

They spread beyond what my eyes can see.


I will trust you part 2

My focus in you is where everything lies,

unbothered by the trials and hurts that flies

past me without a clue or warning,

but I know I am secure in you, the glory

belong to you my king, my lord

In you is where I am brave, I am bold.

Nothing is greater than what I have inside,

nothing is greater than you, Jesus in you I hide.

CAN WE GO BACK TO THE TIME: Lessons from a child

Can we go back to the time?
When our hearts knew no guile
When we had no ill will or grudge;
How sweet were our hearts then

Can we go back to the time?
When we had no worries
For we knew our needs would be met
Hence our trust didn’t shake

Can we go back to the time?
When we told the truth
And honesty was our watchword
In all that we ever did

Can we go back to the time?
When we were curious to know
When life was a quest
When to seek answers was adventurous

Can we go back to the time?
When our love was unadulterated
And our affections were true
When hugs and kisses were pure
Can we all go back?

@Chukwudi Isaac


When our book is opened, we begin to write
Doesn’t matter whether we’re wrong or right
Its inescapable, whether we’re young or old
We all got stories about us that’ll be told
So I guess the first thing is to make our writing legible
So our life’s writ won’t be considered ineligible
Every now and then, we turn over a new leaf
And keep on writing, from our morals to beliefs
But what we write really matters
Cos they may crush us or make us fly like Wright brothers
Don’t leave problems without solutions
Because some will not check the appendices
Six score max, and our life is blown out
Fix all, fast before we’re thrown out
Cos when our book is closed and shelved
People will talk about our lives
What will people say about you in the grave
Just think about it while you live…

© Chukwudi Isaac


So I knocked on her pearly gate
For the King and I had a date
Some call it luck; I call it fate
That with the King I drank and ate
I’d readied myself to meet Him
Or so I thought, till I met Him
He was filled with light none could dim
He lit up smiles for none was grim
I heard this place is called Heaven
No other name could be given
For the streets on which are trodden
Are made of gold; yes, they’re golden
There’s a river that streams make glad
Here the lion plays with the lad
And being afraid, not one here had
Instead love was what all here had
The King took my hand and held me
As He showed me all the beauty
For it was filled with Majesty
From without to it’s tapestry
He patiently told me His tale
On how He came to my land and gave
His all so I could be whole and hale
His speech was of Truth and not fable
These and many more did He speak
It was as though He took a peak
Into my heart as all the words stuck
I was glad at the joy it brought
After everything, I stood up
Filled with joy, love, faith, peace and hope
For now I have known how to cope
And be steadied so I don’t flop
On my way back, though it was hard
I was taught not how to lose guard
But trust in all that I was told
And tell my own tales like a bard

© Chukwudi Isaac