For food and shelter
A man may falter
But why at his soul’s expense
Lose his common sense?
Indeed life is hard
And the ground is indeed hard;
For even with a man’s till
The earth may yield small still
So do we blame him?
When his demeanour is but grim?
And he thinks of selling his soul
For there’s nothing more to hold
No! I’ll say, ‘Judge no man!’
Who knows, God may have a plan;
If a man but knew his way
He’ll at least know the pay;
For sometimes it seems the price is high
For the way, we seem to ply,
Count the cost
For it is a must!
Lest you pay more for less
And be filled with regrets;
Live love
And let live,
That should be man’s lot
If he but knew his days are not a lot

© Chukwudi Isaac