Appreciate your insecurities

After an interesting week, of both good and bad news, I was musing about how some of don’t appreciate our natural beauty enough. Let me start with myself. I can’t go out without eyeliner some eyeshadow and lipstick, to me, that is minimal makeup. But I realised that each night when I take off my makeup I fall in love with myself again. I always ask myself why do I need to cover this up?

Am I not enough for my own self? And the answer should be that I am enough. I love my face and my eyes and lips and use my makeup to accentuate or highlight those features. But what is unhealthy is how I can’t go out without them. And many times I do have months that I go eyeliner free or lipstick free and they are so liberating! I get to appreciate my natural self a bit more. appreciate the natural lip colour that I have and also how everything fits perfectly together.

And I know many of us are like that, especially us women. Why are we afraid of our natural face? What is the worse that can happen? We may not look as “awake” as we should but by drinking plenty of water, keeping refreshed with fruits and vegetables will help that. We may have acne and there are also many natural remedies to help with those. My point is, what we are insecure about is what another person is praying for. And all we need to do is zoom in a bit under a microscope and love ourselves.

So, I challenge you this week to love that side of you that you always cover up. Accept what it is but also accept that it doesn’t define you. You are beautiful and special and that all shows from within, not because of some spots.