Great things are happening

17 days into the new year. Lots of things on their way and lots of excitement and apprehension. I guess that’s normal, right?

Still on the path of exploring the type of designer I am as my taste changes so much. And I want to learn almost everything, whether it’s a new method, programme. EVERYTHING. But, of course, there are limits and I don’t exactly have forever to spend. It’s what I do now that count.

From someone who wasn’t sure what Graphic design was in 2015, I am happy to say that, I enjoy it. Jumping into the unknown isn’t really the best but, there are things about the subject that excites me. From digital to animation to even web design. Seeing elements work together and thinking, WOW! I actually created that?!

I am sure I’ll get many of those this year and I honestly, can not wait.

Here’s to the new year! Great things are happening.


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