Dear Book

I remembered when it was just us
When you and I painted pictures
You did the painting, and I the seeing
Seeing we both had each other in mind
Every stroke of the pen was new
Stories were told; them I barely knew
You smeared smiles that was familiar
Those I can and can’t remember
You made me smell the gentle breeze
And sail with you on ocean breeze
I could taste the grapes and cherries
And sing along the song that merries
Sometimes you made me cry
And ask why? O why?
Other times you kept me on suspense
Wondering when it will all make sense
Sometimes I marked you
So I could run back to you
For being with you made me stand out
And be the leader of the crowd
I hope others love you
As much as I do
For as I look at you on my shelf
With loving admiration and breath
Dear book, let others see you
The way I do…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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