This is my safe haven
When life seems like a prison,
The gentle breeze passing through
A song giving me a cue
Ascent telling stories
Of my growing up days;
Then other times
It’s sunrise,
Slowly gliding with regal splendour
Bringing out my best demeanour;
Breakfast time with family
And late night stories by moonlight:
Playing under the rain
With siblings and friends
Going to school weekdays
And learning new things daily;
Wondering how things came to be
And filling it with what may be,
All these and many more
Gives me hope for the future,
And makes me appreciate every moment
Every moment that I spent;
With family and friends
And relatives and siblings;
So in the end
I hold out my hand,
Hoping nostalgia will hold me
When everything seems gloomy…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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